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My mission is to introduce you, to Qigong and Tai Chi so that you can enjoy practising these arts.

I encourage relaxation and breathing smoothly so that you can reap all the benefits of Qigong and Tai Chi.

"With Sandra you learn more than Qigong and Tai Chi, because she also teaches us how to find and keep our well-being."

There is no emphasis on “perfection” of movement, you move to the best of your ability on that particular day.

You will stay within your comfort zone doing Qigong, and of course, as the body adapts to the movements, the comfort zone expands and the body becomes stronger and more flexible and generally healthier.

The focus is on relaxing into the flow of the movement and on the rhythm of the breath which guides the speed of the movement.

This focus on the breath calms the body physically and mentally enabling you to tune into your body and feel the flow of Qi, vital energy. You discover your inner smile that further relaxes the mind and body; relaxes the nervous system, allowing the body to go into its natural healing mode

I show and explain how to perform the movements for maximum benefit of the desired effect of Qi flow and good health:

  • the movement provides 10%
  • slow deep breath provides 30%;
  • relaxed state of mind, being present positively, provides 60% of the effect.

I do my best to keep things light and relaxed.

"With Sandra's personality and humour, we practice with joy and laughter."

My mission is also to encourage people to add these arts to their daily routine.

Short 2-minute and 10-minute routines are learned which ease the transition into regular practice.

My mission, in summary is to show clients that the art of Qigong and Tai Chi is easily accessible.

"Sandra breaks down the movements and presents them in different ways so that everyone can easily follow the explanations, emphasizing that that the movements can be adapted to the ability and agility level of each individual."
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